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Boho Bathroom Shower Curtain

Boho Bathroom Shower Curtain

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We have a big mixed bag here of boho bathroom shower curtains to choose from. Tessellating shapes and other geometric patterns. 

The range here is as mismatched as the bohemian style itself. Browse through the different selections under 'color' which is codes to products rather than color since there is just such an explosion of colors it is difficult to categorize that way.

Be sure to get the right dimensions that you need. Then before you know it you're enjoying your bath or shower like you're in Bohemia all those centuries ago.

Material: Polyester

Feature: Eco-Friendly

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Care Instructions

All our shower curtains are machine washable unless otherwise stated. For best results use cold water and gentle machine wash only.

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Boho Shower Curtains | Collage with sample of our huge range of Boho inspired shower curtain designs

Not exactly the Boho inspired design you wanted?

That's cool... The Bohemian look falls under the 'curtain' (see what I did there?) of a big family from all over the world. If this isn't the one, click the button below to keep on cruising through our massive boho shower curtain range.

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