About Us

  • Customer Service

    Since our parent company started operations in 2016 with its first brand. Making customers happy is what has set us apart and brought us rave reviews. We will continue to do this and always look to improve.

  • Affordability

    We will always strive to keep our margins low so we can give you the best prices. To do that we need to reach out to the whole world and sell in greater volume. But whatever it takes, our customers deserve better prices.

  • Free Shipping Everywhere

    No one likes nasty surprises at the checkout. No one wants to discover the shipping cost is more than the product. That's why for standard shipping we ship free everywhere in the world once your order value hits $50

Our vision is to provide anything and everything that finds its way into the private abode of the bathroom. To make people’s lives better with greater options and better prices shipped to anywhere in the world.

We are just starting and look forward to growing with you to bring back the bathroom as not a place of hygienic chores but as the temple of the home. Where one can find peace of mind when in solitude and revitalization of the mind, body and spirit.

Be it a shower curtain, a handtowel rack or a rubber ducky. We will have it in our catalogs in time.

The newest member of the Swagmat family of brands, TTB is Australian run and it's home is in Bali. But like a fresh ocean breeze across Bali’s tropical shores, our growing catalog and infamous service reaches the world.

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