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So you've opted for luxury and opulence I see. Nice choice. But having a gold shower curtain hanging over your bath is not just about highlighting prestige. This lighter but brighter orange can light up a dark bathroom or draw attention to itself and away from the rest of the room. The use of gold material will work wonders to complement any existing gold finishes on your faucets or other furnishings in your bathroom too.

As for the psychology of the color, gold will encourage energy and enthusiasm, fascination, joy creativity, and determination. So while feeling like an Egyptian Princess or Pharoah is what you're looking for, you can feel pretty darn good about it at the same time.

We have quite the eclectic mix of new gold shower curtains on the results below for 2022. From golden yellow flowers to a bright gold trimming accenting a geometric pattern. We have plenty of items on sale to sort through so shop around for the best deals below. Use the filters if you need to search and find the right price for you.

Oh one last thing, while shopping, keep in mind we have free shipping when you spend over $50.

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